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We would like to inform you about the complete shut down of business operations during company holiday in term 4th till 8 th June 2016.

At this time the orders and expedition will not be processed.

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MTTH Easy – Indoor wall-mounted distribution box

MTTH Easy is designed as a simple distribution box for indoor installation. Is destined especially for FTTH networks. In basic arrangement is suitable for storage of pre-connectorized cable, or cable slack after blowing (connection of the client after request for service). It could be used as distribution point in small building facility, or as floor box.


  • Easy installation
  • Removable cover for easy access
  • Flat back plate with mounting holes
  • Place for cable reserve before connection thecustomer
  • Possibility to use the box for splicing orpatching
  • Two positions for adaptor plate
  • Capacity up to 6x SC duplex, or 6x LC quad
  • Gradiated rubber gland for cable  Ø 3-10mm (on each side)
  • Breakable outputs on back side (connectionthrough the wall directly to customer)
  • Possibility to use loop-through cable
  • Splice tray KM4 (max. capacity 24 splices)
  • 4x splice tray KM3 (max. capacity 24 splices andonly for fibres G.657 a, b)
  • Possibility to place PLC splitter
  • Coverage degree IP 20

           Splicing or patching                       Patching with covered adaptors                       Splicing only

     (24 splices;6x SC duplex) (24 splices,only fibres G.657 a,b; 6xSC duplex) (48 splices, only fibres G.657 a,b)

           (all types of fibres)

MTTH Uni – Indoor wall-mounted distribution box

MTTH Uni is universal optical distribution box designed as distribution point in FTTH networks. This box is mainly used as an MDU (Multi dweling unit) which enables to distribute the fiber cables into different floors inside the building. The package includes two different types of adaptor plate and two splice trays KM4.


  • Easy installation
  • Removable cover for easy access
  • Lockable cover (optional accessories)
  • Integrated fibre routing management
  • Possibility to make splicing directly on the mounting plate (without splice tray)
  • Possibility to use the box for splicing or patching
  • Changeable adaptor plate for 12x SC simplex, or 12x SC duplex adaptors
  • Lid protecting the adapter holder
  • Gradiated rubber gland for cable  Ø 3-10mm (on each side)
  • Inlets for up to 12 microtubes Ø 7mm
  • Preparation for side inlet from plastic cable channel
  • Breakable outputs on back side (connection through the wall directly to customer)
  • Possibility to use loop-through cable
  • Maximal capacity of 72 splices (including splices on mounting plate)
  • Possibility to place PLC splitter
  • Integrated holder for 1x SC duplex (for splitter inputs)
  • Use for fibers G652 d and G657 a, b
  • Coverage degree IP 20
Datasheet download

Optical distribution box ORM 10 SDF PK

Optical distribution box ORM 10 SDF PK can be used as MDU (Multidwelling unit) for pre-connectorized cables or patchcords. Box can accommodate splitters 1:8 or 2x 1:4

  • Easy installation
  • Capacity up to 10x SC connectors (LC possibility)
  • Up to 24 splices
  • Possibility of inserting PLC splitter 1:8 or  2x 1:4  or  ABS splitter
  • Can be installed on wall, pole or into pillar
  • Cable reserve for up to 80 m ∅3mm, or 50 m ∅5mm
  • 3x PG 16 for drop cables, each bushing has plug for 4x 3mm drop cable
  • Oval Express port for loop cable
  • Use for fibers G657 a, b

ORM 10 SDF PK is suitable for in-building application for distributing drop cables into apartment and also for outdoor application. You can use pole holder as optional accessories. Distribution box can be mounted into pillar which goes directly into trench. Oval express port is suitable for loop cable and enables entering up to 16 cables with diameter 1-5 mm. When using PG bushings you can enter with 12 pre-connectorized cables. Pre-connectorized cables will be connected and cable reserve will be placed into eye rings inside of the box. Reserve capability for up to 80m ∅ 3mm or 50m of ∅ 5mm of the cable. PLC splitter is placed in tray. Velcro for fixing the ABS splitter is part of the accessories bag. ABS splitter will be placed on the first tray and will be fixed via Velcro to tray holder. In standard solution 12 position splice holder will be placed in tray.

Click here for datasheet of ORM 10 SDF PK distribution box

Check our new video of optical pillar closure line SNM SIS


Dear customers and business partners

We would like to inform you about new system of online manuals for our new products.

All new products will have QR codes which can be used with mobile phones or other device which has ability to scan the code.  Via this QR code which will be placed on the product you will be redirected to online version of the manual. Thanks to this solution we are able to offer you more convenient access to the manuals during your installation in field.

Thank you for understanding. Please pass this information to your technical team.



  • Capacity of 4 optical connectors
  • „„Connector holder 4x ST/E2000
  • „„Bushing 2x PG 16 patchcord – 2 holes and 1x PG 9
  • Micro splice tray with TS 6 splice holder
  • Base plate and cover
  • „„Lockable lid
  • „„Coverage degree IP 54
  • „Dimensions 185 x 103 x 73 mm

Order code: 8506.00/0000F

58 pcs in stock

Price EUR: 13


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on 28 and 29 June an introductory training course in FTTx will be presented at the inaugural FTTH Council Africa East Africa Workshop in Nairobi Kenya. Topics covered include: Fibre Types and Applications FTTx Basics: Definitions, Standards, Architecture FTTx Designs: Technical decisions, Centralised splitting or distributed splitting, Design steps, Future proofing, Optical budget Test Equipment & Guidelines OTDR Monitoring Trouble Shooting. Micos Telcom will be hosting trainings so don't hesitate to join us!!!!!!!

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